Saturday, 11 August 2012

Prosperity and beautiful life but Removal of Money

In old days when there were very less human being on the earth, less developed. At that time there was nothing like money. Human need not to purchase anything as she/she bringing required stuff from jungle. In the process of development, Service started as one man goes to deep jungle he bring required stuff for others and others serve him something else. Like he brings mangoes from jungle and others will serve him cooked food or they will construct a hut for him. This way all people were living. Then after long enough time of development started sharing other stuffs and after that gold coins came into existence for exchange of stuff or service. This way total new stuff came into existence and it is money. Now the person who has more money can buy or exchange more stuff or can receive more services.

To have more money all the games started in human beings ( other reason for all those games is to rule others ). Ruling the mass of human being also become possible by money.

What if these 2 things we remove from our life. ( Nothing is impossible, it is upto us how do we want to make it possible )

Very first we want to remove ruling to others. How do we rule others? I rule by projecting my thoughts to others, Trying to force him to buy my product. By any way if we force others to be on our way without his true wish for that, is ruling.

Let all people live the way he/she want to live. Each and every person in this world is unique, so there very less chance to be in one frequency range for all of us. But we can do work together by providing space to co-workers to work their way. The moment we think to make it possible many way we can think to do it. No ruling to others. All or trained to work nicely their way and all wish to serve himself and others the best way one can. There are no quarrels, no rulings. Just simple synchronization.

Let us discuss money matter. To live normal life many stuff is required. World is caught very badly in money chain. So, it is impossible to be out of money chain. But there is a way where we can minimize the money chain. People who are here, all are powerfully intended. This common thing connects all who are here. By this way people those who are interested to remove this money chain should group together. As we all know by law of attraction, each person creates his own unique world, same way we will create our unique world of no money. Where necessity of individual will be identified and all will think and work to fulfil own and others requirements. There will be no charge or expectations of getting something return. Just give. Others will give you. All are happy to serve others. Example: I am a farmer, will grow vegetables and I will send to those who need it. I need a vehicle to send this. The person who has this will give me same way. No charge, no other expectations. This world will be a circle within a big circle of the world.

There will be requirement to work with outer big circle where money is covering all services and stuff. Now our group or inner circle will work with outer circle. Those who have studied the economics and experts of economy in this group will fulfil this duty behalf of all. Other people those who are inside circle will fulfil their requirements.

For this we need good amount for a group. These are people knows law of attraction. So to deal with outer world there will be more than enough money for that.

There will be no greed here. Just unique life of passion with full of enjoyment. All loves their duties and outcome is served to group.

I invite those who really think that this is true to comment and work on this. 

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