Friday, 5 October 2012

Practically starting a small group of Free Giving and Free Receiving


Before the money all resources are existing.
If there is nothing like money in this world still whole world can run.
We want access to and use of stuff and services. We don't want money.
Money is means of transaction but to achieve this means we actually give up our actual life and relations and all for what we are earning money.

What if whole world run on gift economy where you get everything what you want ( best stuff and best service ) but no use of money. Total removal of money. No tension of earning but working for own happiness, satisfaction and to make this world better. Where one person has no intention to cheat or take more money from others, if one is just gifting something to someone it is must he will try to gift the best thing.

What if this already started movement work further upper level of taking care of fulfilling own and others requirement by gifting best stuff.

The goal of this group is to keep usable items out of the landfill. but I suggest to expand the view. This is something best already started need little motivation by removing fear and filling trust and love for others.

People who are here, all are powerfully intended. This common thing connects all who are here. By this way people those who are interested to remove this money chain should group together. We will create our unique world of no money. Where necessity of individual will be identified and all will think and work to fulfill own and others requirements. There will be no charge or expectations of getting something return. Just give. Others will give you. All are happy to serve others. Example: If I am a farmer, will grow vegetables and I will send to those who need it. I need a vehicle to deliver this. The person who has such vehicle or he is vehicle manufacturer will give me same way. No charge, no other expectations. This world will be a circle within a big circle of the world.

( The price of the stuff or service is derived by scarcity. More the scarcity, more the value of that stuff or service, means less experts of that kind of service are. If we remove that spectacle all stuff has same value and all works/services are same - nothing is better than other )

When someone want some stuff or service and if it is not possible by any group member it may not be given to that person. Also it is not compulsory to be given but as this group is working as a extended family, group members try their level best to fulfill one group member's genuine requirement.

This is basic idea can be improved by suggestions and small small practicals.

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