Thursday, 27 June 2013

How to initiate a Gift Economy?

One easy and most possible way to initiate a gift society

My idea of practical gift society.. If people of town/city or a street are explained what are the drawbacks of current world system and benefits of  Resources Based Economy / Gift Economy.  If  some 10 people/family get ready to for that RBE system we can do something as a starting point. We need to create awareness by available videos of this RBE movements and then more verbal communications and support. Consider 9 out of 10 will be doing some job/business and everybody already living an average life having own or rented house. So they have no requirement to go for something extra in starting. Only Internally their Interaction will be RBE/ Gift Economy style. What better thing can be done is inside circle they are gifting each other for whatever someone required for basic life. Everything is gifted just a strengthen a group. They are like a big family and they respect each one fully.
Requirement of individual is identified and tried to be fulfilled within circle first and if not possible they search the way out from outer world. Doing this there is possibility that some extra stuff someone has bought and of no use that can be gifted inside the circle to the one needy so here extra money spending is cut. Also so many things are shared and money spending is minimized. Some example of common sharing is car. We can share skilled work.

Also as a big family help each other every way. Give all love and support. Make unity within.

Now as further step we evaluate whole asset/resources of group. It include skills too.  After evaluation that group of people can think of doing a group business more than their current job/business. Those are free here will work more and those are engaged in other job / business give their time and support when they are free. In unity they can do it better.
All these are my assumptions and if we do it practically we can understand what can be done even better than this.  But it is sure that if we bridge the gap between people we can always see new possibilities. Now next level. Within a town if 5-6 or more such gift/RBE circles are formed.. they can combine to form a big circle. In a big circle there is chance of almost 70 to 80% basic requirement will be fulfilled within a circle. If more and more such circles continue forming, effect can be seen all over as unity and more circles can be formed so easily. Ripple effect is always there and many circles can be formed. Also those who understand this practically, in their free time, constantly work to create awareness of this gift Society. So each month we create 1 new circle and if 50 such circles are formed we can have huge unity to work faster on this.

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