Sunday, 23 June 2013

Main Objectives of the Gift Society

Main Objectives of the Gift Society:

1) Everything we want to use will be gifted to us and we are free to do what our heart tells us to do. Everyone supports us for what we want to do so we work only in the direction that we are most interested in. 

2)Working in that direction we produce a certain outcome and we have used the best effort and the best materials. We keep part of what we produce for ourselves if we need it, and the bulk of the extra product we gift to those who need it the most.

3)There is no ownership of any object. Everything we have we use and own for as long as we have a use for it and then when we no longer need it we pass it on to others.

4) We neither take nor snatch. We ask and then we receive and in most cases we simply receive it as a gift without having asked for it first. And of course when we have more than we need we give the rest back to those who need it: Give and receive.

5)We accept every person with our full heart as having his/her own unique characteristics. We accept all his/her thinking patterns, habits, religious beliefs etc and with that we have no barrier of "mine" or "yours" and "big" or "small". Every person here is one of my own and my equal. When we give we see the requirement most of someone and not  the individual person. We are all equal in our eyes and in our hearts. We respect and support all his/her personal activities and interests and support their well being as a family member of this world.

6) All big projects are run by cooperation of all those who are most interested in doing that work. Here responsibility is shared with convenience and interest. Everybody with a mutual understanding works together and produces a certain useful output for this society.

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