Wednesday, 16 October 2013

How to initiate Gift Economy movement?

To Initiate gift economy we have one phase is a movement. ..

For that movement we need some people those who understands these all and want to work actively in this direction ...

In that we will meet group of people or offices or houses .. anyway reach to people face to face
We will carry 2 things with us..
Our ideal world literature .. how to initiate that world from today etc in it
Next we will have a paper sheet full of tick box short questions
Questions are related to economy . Jobs and current life...
Questions which everybody understand and touches their life
Now we meet them on the name of economical situation survey
We ask them questions and tick on in a series for one person
At the end of it there will b question ... do u want solutions to problems and want to b active in this direction of solution ?
At the end .. name email phone number box
We can give them our literature hand to hand
And when we want a big meeting we can call them by phone or email.

When we meet more people ..each time we get some more people in our list also from that list we can have some more active people to work with us. Now when we get more people they do same thing and idea reach to people face to face.

People already facing huge problems but they don't know solution ... our work is to show them solution and make them active .

Question list:

1. Are you happy and satisfied with your current income?

2. Do you think that, in your career, you are paid less than you should be for the best work you did for that company?

3. If you were given the chance to work according to your talents, would you be able to do your best for your family and society?

4. Do you think there is a problem with the  current economy system and therefore do we need to make changes to it? If so, would you like to suggest how we might improve this current economy system?

5. We address an all in one solution to these present world economy problems and we call it Resource Based Economy or Gift Economy. Would you like to know more about it?

6. Name:
7. Area:
8: Phone Number :
9. Email address :

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