Friday, 24 January 2014

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam!

Is that a huge family are we dreaming as a new better world?

We always grow from small to big! Any idea or any particular movement can’t occur in a day!
How to make this world better place? What are the basics of it?
Basics are stop ruling, start cooperating. Accepting each other’s uniqueness give support all the way!
If we do it, it takes towards a big family idea. As an Indian man I have seen many big families. So, I understand it very well.  But in these days they are rare.
How a big family function?
Consider a big family having Father Mother, 3 sons and 2 daughters. If all 3 sons are married and have kids then. This will be a big family.  In this big family, within available resources, sharing everything equally with understanding. Deciding priority and giving that way to each member, giving all love and support to everyone.
In that big family, requirement of individual is identified and tried to be fulfilled within family first and if not possible they search the way out from outer world. There is possibility that some extra stuff someone has bought and of no use for him now that can be gifted within the family  to the one needy so here extra money spending is cut. Also so many things are shared and money spending is minimized. Some example of common sharing is car when people are travelling to different places but almost same route.

Why do we benefit from big family?
It is because each one has different skills and all skills are shared to make everything better. One has something better but lacking somewhere else and other has something better but lacking anywhere else. Same is applicable for all family members and if we give support to each other we find almost no any lacking area.
Consider there are 4 women in the house and one has good skill of making food and other has god skill of choosing stuff from the market. Other woman has skill of repairing small stuff like stitching of clothes etc and other has good skill of managing the economy of house then all together can do best.

What about this current world where we have not a big families?  We are living in groups like a housing society, kitty party group, Senior citizens group, Labour union, doctors association, friend circles, students group, teachers group, list can be very big as they are vary from requirement. Any one such group can form a space for sharing life. Here we can really form a community. And in this group we live as a family. We share responsibilities and respect each other. We understand that life is beautiful by respecting mutual dependency. If we can do that in one group, we can inspire others to do that, too. Also many local such groups living like this can merge in each others and form a big group.

Base of it is understanding and respect to each other. If we can do it then the beauty of life we can taste there. If we can create such big families and all those big families merge in each other as a huge family that is movement towards a best world we are dreaming. Whole world as a big family.

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  1. It sounds like a very good idea because now we are moving away from extended families and often people still need close connection with other people.

    It would be good if initially there could be this kind of thing in each street (or group of streets) so that people could be readily there for each other to support one another, etc. They could all plant things and share from one or two gardens, for example.