Monday, 9 February 2015

Base Thoughts of Gift Economy!

Base Thoughts for Gift Economy 
***We are same: As a human being we are the same.. Any religion we are born into, we get the same human body as others, the same type of intelligence, the same type of emotional pattern. We have the same male-female attraction pattern. Black and white or some special body structures are ultimately the same and at the base we can see it clearly. So, our creator made us the same. Religions are made by us.
In this same-looking body and everything there is something special. Let’s try to understand it.
*** We are unique: .. This is the base law of this world that everything made by the universe is unique. Choose 10 trees and take all the leaves of those tress and try to compare all of those and you will see there is no leaf match to other leaf. It means each leaf is unique. In the same way observe the designs of trees; not a single tree is matching in design with any other tree.  It is the same with human beings. We all are unique humans. You are one unique human being; no anybody like you has been born in this whole history; and will not born in future.. your body type, your look, your eating habits, your speaking style, your voice, your way of treating to others.. your thinking.. your life story everything is unique.  See all great saints, you can’t see any repetitions.. Also see their messages.. their literature.. everything they said is unique..
***We brought nothing so let’s not try to possess anything: I carried nothing when I born. Everything what I have given me by other people. And let’s try to see from where everybody got this all stuff.  Everybody got these all stuff from this same mother earth only. We didn’t create oxygen, we didn’t create this earth, we didn’t create this vegetables. We didn’t create this animals. We didn’t create this whole sea. We didn’t create this iron or gold particles. We didn’t create this crude oil. We used all, refined them and used for our well being.
At any moment of life if we see, we are naked.. nothing is our own in reality. Then we must understand it and respect it. Nothing can be possessed in reality.  Whatever we have now can be taken away from us any time by nature. When there are natural calamities we realize it often. So, we respect what we have now and we use it wisely and think I am happy that I have it now in this moment. I don’t try to hold it tight but I use it happily and I give it to others when I don’t need it. I need not to do many authentications as all those authentications are useless in reality. We can die at any moment by any way; natural calamities, accident or illness. There is no guarantee.. so it is better we live in today in the now. We create love and share everything today.
***Change is Constant as well as Nothing is Permanent :
Universe reforms everything.. our body. Trees and all stuff. Something on very slow scale like.. stones and mountains.. fast like air and  rivers; on medium speed like vegetables and flower plants; animal and our bodies; change is constant.  So, we accept this fact and we live in the moment as it comes to us.. we are going to get everything new each time. It is the law of this world. So, each time we synchronize with this world and we too accept and live new way. Nothing is permanent.. Our emotion when watching an emotional movie are not same after two days of it.  Our body is not permanent. There are changes each time in our body and also the ageing process changes our body.
Then why are we trying to hold on to anything so tightly? Let’s free our selves. Why do we try to use all legal things to be done.. this land is mine. This wife is mine. This car is mine. By doing that too we can’t do that. As nature can change it anytime. So, why should we stress our self for that. We try to make things which last long but do not hold anything so tight.
***Nothing is permanent in this world.. everything we hold with power and control but possibly  nothing is our own. a wife says this is my husband, he is my own, but it is not guaranteed that next day he may die and she can marry  a new one and say "this is my husband".  I mean the new one is her husband... also they both live upto age of 70 and then husband at the age of 71 dies and she lives. If she lives to eighty one then for a huge period of 10 years she is alone. I mean she has no husband in real.. So he is not permanent.  You may view someone as your best friend. But after some days you get some problem and both of you no longer feel connected to each other. So, that your friend is not yours anymore. So. that is not permanent either.  If nothing is permanent then why we try to hold on to it permanently? Why can't we live without holding it?
In my language I say it free connection.   Connect to someone till you are good connection and then forget it. This world is whole rotation and definitely you are going to get someone and something next to it.
The money what we have we try to give it to someone to get  interest on it and many many times we lost the money that way.   In conclusion we should not try to hold anything or there is no requirement of any authentications to hold anything. We can live in now and we respect what good things we have in now .
 ***  >>>  We are all dependant
The world is made up of many people. We are dependent on each other. We interact with people. We enjoy the happy feeling to give and at the same time we feel happy to receive.
As a unique person someone has something better than me and as a unique person I have something better than others. So, at any moment I can’t say I am the best as nature has made everyone the best  in some one area as per uniqueness. So, I am nobody can be kind or generous but by my clear understanding I respect the other person and give him what I have and I know I need to receive something from someone.
Always we need someone for something. It may be anything. We have emotional, intellectual and physical stuff that we require. We have service requirement. We can’t say "I am independent".
It is the mutual relation of giving and receiving. We can’t escape from this.
The relation has its purpose and it is best if that purpose is fulfilled by both sides. What if we have such relation in which we do something for others it is fun of giving. At the same time someone work for us for fun of giving. And we receive.  We all have tendency to give and receive and so each of us doing some good work in some place in a particular direction as per our unique nature and circumstances.

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