Sunday, 13 August 2017

Beyond the wall of Nationalism

Ism is a thing in which we believe and behave as ours is the best and others are inferior. We are stuck in many such issues like nationalism, regionalism, racism, languageism, religionism, godism. Each such issue is a narrow mindedness.

The biggest issue is nationalism. My country is the best in nationalism, love and devote to it. At primary level it seems that we talk about the interests of all the people of the world in nationalism, but in reality we are talking about the interests of the people of the inner circle of our country instead of the whole of the world's interest. We argue secondly that we can’t do good to the people of the whole world. We can do good for only people of our country or join with them, so to think on that extent is right. There is a limit to this argument. Can we really do good for more than one billion people of this country, or can we get them? We can only do good to some people living in our village, town, city or our region that we can actually get them and be close. However, we keep all the feeling that this is my country and all Indians are my siblings.
On the other side of the argument, we cannot do good for all the people of this country, and  can never meet them, then also we believe they are ours, then it can be applied to anyone of any other country in the world. Even without meeting and knowing, we can have feelings of ours for any person of any country.

After making a border on this earth, we begin to think that the people on the other side of the border are not ours. Not only that, but also without knowing them we consider them as our enemy. Who created the boundaries on this earth? The boundaries of the country vary after war with another country. On the land of the conquered country, we draw our line and call that land ours. Directly, it is not the nature but the human being that marked boundaries.

I do not deny to say myself good person, but it is inappropriate and foolish to say others are bad without knowing them. How can all those people within the boundaries of my country be good and all others are bad within the boundaries of other countries? You have experience that both good and bad things in our own personality are like two sides of a coin. Not only you have ideological differences with many people in your neighborhood, village, city or country, but you also feel like they are bad and enemy and that is the biggest example that there are bad people in your so called own country. There are many people who are much respected for you, and so there are good people in your country too. This is identical fact for the other country that is crossing our so-called border. There are also good and bad people in it too.

The definition of good and bad is only on relative and personal basis. So it is not appropriate to use those words but I used them for general understanding. Now how can we justify them all as bad or our enemy without meeting them to those who are residing on the other side of the border? Should not you meet the good people of other side of the border?
As stated earlier, the border is marked by a human being, not the nature. So in reality, crossing the border is just an illusion. There is nothing like the people who are beyond the border. All of them can be away from physical distances only. We are all the offspring of the planet earth. The whole world is for us. Nature has given us birth at different places on this planet and after that we can move to the desired place. When you travel from one place to another in the same country, then you go from one district to another, and you never realize that you crossed the border. These are the boundaries for understanding and management and that's just the same value as it is. The whole world is one. The same is for one country to another, but we have separated the countries by making high fence to make a clear distinction.

Special permission has to be taken to go from one country to another. Now let’s talk about Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam ( Whole world is a family ). If we are proud to say that Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam thought and feeling took place in India and we feel proud for it, then we should understand this story very well. There is a big contradiction between the nationalism and Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam. If the whole world is a family, then my neighbor or anybody in my village became my family member. Likewise, my state or any member of my country and any other country person too become my family member.

If it is my family, then I have to deal with the same treatment I have with my siblings. Or if I think of him as my siblings then that behavior is naturally occurring. And only then, it is possible to meet Vasudhiv Kutumbakam. If we can do this then we have a right to talk about it and only then can we take pride in it. If there are only my brothers in any country, why should we need such boundaries? How can they be our enemies?

Nationalism counts as my country is the best. There are many people believe that India is the greatest country in the world (or was it?) (Many Indians travel to Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong and Dubai and passionate to go to countries like America, Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand to earn money and to be  permanent resident of that country?  Why do they feel proud coming from America rather than be proud coming from India?).
The law of nature is uniqueness. By that nature wants to maintain diversity into all things. So how could all the best things be naturally in India only? Nature has given every country of the world its own unique geography, unique climate, other natural resources and great people.

To say one country can be the greatest, it is like proving the law of nature wrong and which can never be possible. Thousands of innovations have been made in other countries and we are using it, many other stuff we import from other countries and each one of us use it including every nationalist people. And that's right, intuitive and respect to the law of nature.

Every ‘ism’ is nothing but misunderstanding. All these isms work only to create pose and constructing walls without cause.

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