Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Call for Unity!

Hello My dear Human Beings!

I realized many times that the group energy is always so much powerful than individual.  When we are together we can do wonderful things. We can create well being easily.

We have decided to do something better for all. This includes you, me and everyone. We are trying to do better in small segments where we think we are perfect.   We are doing best on our individual level.   All of those people think it and work thinking what is right to do and it will be helpful to each of us. We are unique so our way will be different but our goal is same and it is well being of all. Towards the same goal let's do something better.  Let's each one of us connect to those each entire one who are committed to do better for all.  Let's unite and work on same platform.

We all know we are same human beings with same bodies and same intelligence and same emotional behavior, same life requirements.  We want same world. Only thing is we are trying differently. We are trying alone.  Why don’t we try in unity?

I respect the way you try to make it possible and you respect someone else’s unique way to make it possible. At this point we can’t separate us to believe that there are many gods governing each of us separately. If there is god, it can be one or there is no god, so let's stop quarreling with each other with the belief systems of separate gods and this god or that god is best. These beliefs haven’t solved our life problems. We did only businesses and not something better than that. God or messengers’ gave us only message of humanity. They didn't separate us. Not any particular god, messenger, or particular worshiping way or meditation technique is better than other.

For sake of management we have made boundaries like town, city, state, country etc. Then why do we think it is boundary? Those can’t separate us.

We are same we know very well and let's be one and stop quarreling.   So far to survive we are doing business and jobs. But all those are based on taking from someone or at many places snatching from someone. The business is to take something extra from others pocket.  Religious or spiritual practices are actually practices in meditations only.  They have failed to create better human beings so far. It is like just writing something on paper but not actualizing in real life.  And also spirituality has no real answers of real well being.  Many saints are spreading message of love and compassion and lots of meditation practices but those all have not created any well being on this earth. Why do feel separate? Why do snatch from others? Why do we find so much violence?

2 big issues nobody wants to solve are taking/snatching through business and ruling to others. Even saints give blessings like... Your business grows a lot, means you take more from others than to give. People are focused to get max from others pocket and all educations and saints blessings are for that but very few  is ready just to give the best without any expectations.

Real beauty comes when we just try to give the best of us; only with the intention of giving. There are so many ways by which we can give to create real well being.  We all know that we are unique so there should be contrast. We all know that we are dependent.  So we have to make our hearts big. We have to accept our brothers.  Let’s we accept the contrast due to uniqueness of everyone, we respect and realize that each one is unique so perfect and powerful in one particular direction, loving that way, we can create well being for all.

Let’s cooperate each other and unite. Something you can do that I can’t do. Something I can do that you can’t do. Let’s share skills for each other and create well being! Something you have that I don’t have; something I have that you don’t have. Let’s give it to each other and create well being together. My love flow to you and your love flow to me, let’s create well being together!

We are same!
We are one always!
We are One!
We One!

Lots of love and well being for all!

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